Screenshots of GroIMP

3D Features

This screenshot shows a situation of 3D modelling: In GroIMP's 3D view, an imported heightfield is displayed using the ray-tracer POV-Ray. The material explorer shows a material whose attributes are currently editable in the attribute editor. There, a colour blend from blue over green to white has been set up. The material is used to colour the height field.

Screenshot 0

RGG Modelling

These screenshots show GroIMP as a modelling platform for growth grammars: The growth grammar model can be created in an integrated text editor, its three-dimensional outcome is visualized in GroIMP's 3D view. Interaction with the model is possible via the attribute editor or 3D tools.

Screenshot 2
Screenshot 3

Browsing of HTML Pages

GroIMP contains a simple HTML browser. This can be used to include documentation in HTML format in a project.

Screenshot 1