This page collects various otherwise unpublished information about GroIMP.


Ole Kniemeyer, 2008. Design and Implementation of a Graph Grammar Based Language for Functional-Structural Plant Modelling

Virtual Laser Scanner for GroIMP

laserScannerDoc.pdf [287.1 kB]

General XL

List of turtle commands in XL (german): xl_turtle.pdf [21.4 kB]

Overview of XL syntax (german): xlsyntax01.pdf [86.7 kB]

DTD-file format

Description of the DTD-file format (german): dtd_code.pdf [25.8 kB]

General Purpose Layout Algorithm

User guide: docLayout.pdf [34.4 kB]
Mathematical background: sumEnergy.pdf [103.7 kB]

Open-GroIMP Specification

The Open-GroIMP plugin allows to call GroIMP from other applications via the network. A GroIMP-graph (encoded as XML) together with an XL-program is passed to the running GroIMP instance using the HTTP protocol. Then GroIMP compiles the XL-program, executes it and sends back the resulting graph. The details of how to encode the graph and the process of invocation of the XL-program is explained in the following documents.

The file Specification.txt [4.6 kB] describes the supported node types and their attributes as encoded in the XML. An XML-schema for this is given in exchangegraph.xsd [4.8 kB] . A description of the communication protocol is described in Description.txt [2.6 kB] . An example of an exchange graph is given in sample.xeg [0.3 kB] together with an XL-file to rewrite the graph in sample.xl [0.1 kB] .

GroIMP Icon

Source file: groimp.svg [10.4 kB]
Generated icons:

groimp16.png groimp32.png groimp48.png
groimp16.png [0.8 kB] groimp32.png [1.9 kB] groimp48.png [2.9 kB]