GroIMP Licensing Policy

GroIMP is a dual-licensed software: You have the option to choose between the GNU General Public License, Version 3, which is an OSI Certified Open Source Software license, and the Commercial License. In both cases you get the same source code, but the licenses differ in their terms concerning modification and distribution of the software.

GNU General Public License

The GNU General Public License (GPL) allows you to use the software at no charge. You may distribute the software, modifications you made and your own work based on the software, provided that you make it available under the terms of the GPL. This means, among others, that you have to distribute your source code at no charge. To read the GPL, click here.

Commercial License

The GPL may be too restrictive, especially if you want to distribute your own GroIMP-based application commercially and/or without the requirement of releasing your source code. To address these needs, we offer the Commercial License. For further information, please contact us.