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Research Interests
Xylobiont Diptera

fallen beech trees Diptera also form a large part of the fauna associated with dead wood. My studies concentrated on woody beech litter, and I have reviewed the different meanings dead wood may have for dipteran species belonging to different trophic groups (Hövemeyer 1998).

small emergence trap

I have also conducted a ten-year study in an effort to investigate the succession of Diptera on logs of dead beech wood in relation to exposition time and environmental factors (Hövemeyer & Schauermann, in press). The pictures on this page illustrate this study. They show the trees, from which log samples were taken and an emergence trap of the type used in this study.

The last three pictures show three logs, which had been exposed for ten years. Quite obviously, each log underwent a highly individual fate: one fairly undamaged, one with a thick moss cushion on it, and one completely submerged in the leaf litter.

fairly intact log moss-covered log log covered by litter

Selected Publications
HÖVEMEYER, K. & SCHAUERMANN, J. (in press): Succession of Diptera on dead beech wood - a ten-year study. Pedobiologia.
HÖVEMEYER, K. (1998): Diptera associated with dead beech wood. Studia dipterologica 5: 113-122.

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Ecology of Diptera

Research Interests

  • Soil-dwelling Dipteran Larvae
  • Xylobiont Diptera

  • Community ecology of Diptera

  • Community Ecology of Spiders

  • Ecology of the Allium Food Web

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