Lingua Aegyptia

Lingua Aegyptia – Studia monographica 9

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Edited by Eitan Grossman, Stéphane Polis & Jean Winand

Lexical Semantics in Ancient Egyptian

Lingua Aegyptia – Studia Monographica 9, Hamburg 2012: Widmaier Verlag
vi + 490 pages, hardcover (ISBN: 978-3-943955-09-5)



Eitan Grossman
& Stéphane Polis
Lexical semantics in Ancient Egyptian. An introduction 1–15
Orly Goldwasser
& Colette Grinevald
What are “Determinatives” good for? 17–53
Eliese-Sophia Lincke
& Frank Kammerzell
Egyptian classifiers at the interface of lexical semantics and pragmatics 55–112
Eliese-Sophia Lincke
& Silvia Kutscher
Motivated sign formation in Hieroglyphic Egyptian and German Sign Language (DGS).
   Towards a typology of iconic signs in visual linguistic systems
Rune Nyord Prototype structures and conceptual metaphor.
   Cognitive Approaches to Lexical Semantics in Ancient Egyptian
Eitan Grossman
& Stéphane Polis
Navigating polyfunctionality in the lexicon.
   Semantic maps and Ancient Egyptian lexical semantics
Elsa Oréal Discourse markers between grammar and lexicon.
   Two Ancient Egyptian cases for (de)grammaticalization?
Camilla Di Biase-Dyson A diachronic approach to the syntax and semantics of Egyptian spatio-temporal
   expressions with ḥꜢ-t ‘front’. Implications for cognition and metaphor
Daniel A. Werning Ancient Egyptian Prepositions for the Expression of Spatial Relations and their Translations.
    A typological approach
Matthias Müller Spatial frames of reference in Egyptian. Diachronic evidence for Left/Right patterns 347–378
Joachim Friedrich Quack To clothe or to wipe. On the semantics of the verb nms 379–386
Pascal Vernus Le verbe gm(j) : essai de sémantique lexicale 387–438
Alessandro Stella Le verbe de perception nw(Ꜣ) en égyptien ancien. Étude de sémantique lexicale 439–458
Jean Winand Le verbe et les variations d’actance. Les constructions réversibles (= Études valentielles, 2) 459–486