My name is JOERG JAHNEL. I am a mathematician.

It has been many years since I entered the Georg August University for the first time. Meanwhile, I also have a small business card in Siegen. In between, I represented a professorship at the Helmut Schmidt University Hamburg.

For a certain time, my research takes place within the limits of

Many of my research projects were joint work with Andreas-Stephan Elsenhans from Würzburg.

I am engaged per h.c. in the education of gifted students. I am member of the MO e.V. and the MO-Ni e.V. I was one of the organizers of the Mathematical Olympiad in Lower Saxony. Two times, I was the Team Leader of the Göttingen Team at the IMC in Blagoevgrad/Bulgaria.

As a school student, I took part excessively in the Mathematical Olympiad, myself. My scores at the IMO meanwhile found their way to the internet.

Office Hours

The by far most efficient way to reach me is to send me an email. If you plan to call me by telephone, be warned that this may become a longsome undertaking.

My CV (not really in a conventional form)

I do not come from Goettingen, originally. That I have the opportunity to work here, is essentially the result of Prof. Stuhler's activity. In the time before (and in between) I worked at other nice places, namely at

During the time, I received my salary from several sources. First, from some German state that does not exist anymore, later from the lands of

Further, I had scholarships from the

There were some other places that I could visit for short periods, only. Some of them were

Very shortly, just for one talk, I was at

While I sat at one of my various little desks, I wrote a number of papers which can be seen here.

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