Abstracts of the Working Group Meetings on Integrated Control in Oilseed Crops

Abstracts of the meeting will be regularly prepared for each Working Group meeting. They will be handed over to the participants at the meeting. After the workshop they will be made available to others by offering downloads on this page. Abstracts are PDF documents. For those interested in full papers they should refer to the IOBC/wprs Bulletins, which will be prepared after the meeting. For details refer to the link Bulletins.

Abstracts of the Zagreb Meeting 2018 not available
Abstracts of the Tartu Meeting 2016 not available
Abstracts of the Belvaux Meeting 2013 2.3 Mb
Abstracts of the Göttingen Meeting 2011 4.1 Mb
Abstracts of the Paris Meeting 2008 1.1 Mb
Abstracts of the Poznan Meeting 2005 520 kb
Abstracts of the Rothamsted Meeting 2004 760 kb