The 16th International Conference
on Head-Driven Phrase Structure Grammar

July 16-18, 2009
Göttingen, Germany


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15 July

19:00Warm-up in the Kartoffelhaus (see Restaurants page)

16 July

09:00-12:00, at the Institute of Computer Science (Goldschmidtstraße 7, Room "-1.101")
Note: Since the Institute of Computer Science is situated at the North Campus of Göttingen, we have organized taxi transfer to get there. We will meet for the taxi ride at the "Gänseliesel" at 08:30.
Tutorial 1: Gerald Penn

Efficient Grammar Development in TRALE

This tutorial will not be an introduction to grammar development with typed feature structures. Assuming a basic knowledge of that, we'll instead make a quick survey of TRALE's syntax and then dive into how to use those syntactic primitives effectively.
In linguistics, "effective" can imply a great many aesthetic qualities for grammars, some of which we'll review. But this tutorial will pay particular attention to the question of efficiency --- how (and how not) to use the language to write grammars that run quickly.

14:00 -15:30, Coffee Break, 16:00 -18:00, at the "Paulinerkirche" (Vortragsraum)Tutorial 2: Ivan Sag

Sign-Based Construction Grammar (SBCG) is a variety of HPSG which, like GPSG, recognizes only mother-daughter structures. This goal is achieved by drawing a fundamental distinction between signs and local structures (constructs). Lexical rules and grammar rules both find a home in SBCG as constructions (constraints that define types of construct). This tutorial provides a general overview of SBCG at its current stage of development.

18:30Internal meeting of the Cogeti network.
19:00Gathering in the MaxL (see Restaurants page)

17 July (at the "Paulinerkirche")

9:30Jesse Tseng. (CNRS)Phonological change and grammaticalization in HPSG: the case of French final consonants
10:10Filip Skwarski. (University of Warsaw)Accounting for underlying forms in HPSG
11:20Invited Talk: Polly Jacobson (Brown University)The Short Answer. And what it answers.
13:30Bjarne Ørsnes. (Freie Universität Berlin)Preposed Sentential Negation in Danish
14:10Frédéric Laurens and Gabriela Bîlbîie. (University of Paris 7)Verbless and gapless relative adjuncts in French and Romanian
14:50Berthold Crysmann. (Universität Bonn & University of Saarbrücken)Deriving superficial ergativity in Nias
16:00Stefan Müller. (Freie Universität Berlin)On Predication
16:40Frank Van Eynde. (University of Leuven)On the copula: from a Fregean to a Montagovian treatment
17:20Paul Kay and Ivan A Sag. (UC Berkeley, Stanford University)Not as Hard a Problem to Solve as You Might Have Thought
19:00Conference dinner at the old botanic garden (Alter Botanischer Garten) of the university

18 July (at the "Paulinerkirche")

9:30Rui Chaves. (SUNY Buffalo)Construction-based adjunct extraction
10:10Anke Holler. (Georg-August-Universität Göttingen)Towards the adverbial use of German interrogative was ('what')
11:20Invited Talk: Danièle Goddard, Anne Abeillé (University of Paris 7)The Making of the Grande Grammaire du Français
13:30Antske Fokkens, Laurie Poulson and Emily M Bender. (Saarland University, University of Washington)Inflectional Morphology in Turkish VP-coordination
14:10Marianne Desmets and Florence Villoing. (University of Paris Ouest Nanterre La Défense, University Paris 8 & CNRS)French V-N lexemes: morphological compounding in HPSG
14:50Olivier Bonami and Pollet Samvelian. (University of Paris Sorbonne, University of Paris 3)Inflectional periphrasis in Persian
16:00Gianina Iordachioaia and Frank Richter. (University of Tübingen/University of Stuttgart, University of Tübingen)Negative Concord in Romanian as Polyadic Quantification
16:40David Lahm. (University of Tübingen)An Analogue to the HPSG Raising Principle on the Description-Level
17:20Manfred Sailer and Frank Richter. (University of Göttingen, University of Tübingen)Phraseological Clauses as Constructions in HPSG

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