Chapter 15. Blocks and Statements

Table of Contents

15.1. Expression Statements
15.2. Quasi-Parallel Assignment Statements
15.3. The assert Statement
15.4. The Enhanced for Statement
15.5. The yield Statement

The sequence of execution of a programme is controlled by statements, which are executed for their effect and do not have values. The statements of the XL programming language are a superset of the statements of the Java programming language. For the general terms and specifications in the context of statements and their execution, see the Java language specification. Based on these definitions, this chapter describes the statements which are introduced by the XL programming language.

To simplify the formulations, the following convention is implicitly present in the following, if not specified otherwise: If an execution or evaluation which is part of a statement s completes abruptly, then s completes abruptly for the same reason, and remaining substatements or subexpressions of s, if any, are not executed or evaluated.

15.1. Expression Statements

An expression statement is executed by sequentially evaluating the expression; if this yields values, these are discarded.

Expression Statements
[34]ExpressionStatement::=StatementExpression ';'  
[35]StatementExpression::=ConditionalExpression [ AssignmentOperator AssignmentExpression ]