Overview of some common photosynthesis models

DATE: 06.01.2011

AUTHOR: M. Henke, G. H. Buck-Sorlin and K. Smolenová

The model draws two chrts a) for PAR overview for zero to 1500 mol mol-1 (at the given temperature of the selected day) b) annual survey of assimilate production at given weather data

All included models are calibrated to fit the LEAFC3N model which is parameterized for barley.
The output is calculated for per square meter at the age of 25 days. (To change this )
You need to save the model to run it.

With the initialization of the model four external parameter files will be loaded and afterwards the charts will be drawn automatically.
To control the model change the parameter in one of the tree parameter files a) environment.ini b) scenario.ini c) speciesParameter.ini. The last parameter file is an excel file including the weather data.

Weather data are for the Meteostation Haarweg - Wageningen from 2008 in daily resolution.

The model is part of the FSPM-P

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