Package de.grogra.xl.vmx

Interface Summary
Routine A Routine provides a VMXState with the information that is needed to construct a stack frame in which the routine can be executed.

Class Summary
RoutineDescriptor A descriptor for a later invocation of a routine in a given frame context.
VMXState A VMXState is associated with a single Thread.
VMXState.Local This class represents a local variable.

Exception Summary
AbruptCompletion Base class for abrupt completions.
AbruptCompletion.Break An abrupt completion due to a break or continue.
AbruptCompletion.Return An abrupt completion due to a return.
AbruptCompletion.Throw An abrupt completion due to a thrown Throwable.

Error Summary
AbruptCompletion.Nonlocal This class wraps an abrupt completion that has to be transferred (non-locally) to a statically containing routine invocation before Java's catching mechanism comes into play.