Interface Connector<N,P>

Type Parameters:
N - node type
P - parameter type

public interface Connector<N,P>

A Connector is used to specify a connection of a new node with a graph at a position which is given by an existing node in the graph. For example, the connector implementation could just redirect all edges from the existing node to the new node.

A connector is invoked as follows: At first, a connecting action has to be recorded in the connection queue by invocation of Producer.connect(N, N, P, de.grogra.xl.impl.base.Connector). Afterwards, on queue application the connecting action is executed, which leads to the invocation of the connector.

Ole Kniemeyer

Method Summary
 void connect(N from, N to, P param, GraphQueue queue)
          Establish the connection.

Method Detail


void connect(N from,
             N to,
             P param,
             GraphQueue queue)
Establish the connection. This method is invoked by the connecting queue on queue application.

from - existing node in the graph
to - new node which shall be connected with the graph
param - some parameter for the connector (the same as the one passed to Producer.connect(N, N, P, de.grogra.xl.impl.base.Connector))
queue - connectding queue within which the connecting action has been recorded