Class ConcurrentTask

  extended by de.grogra.rgg.ConcurrentTask
All Implemented Interfaces:
PartialTask,, java.lang.Runnable

public abstract class ConcurrentTask
extends java.lang.Object
implements PartialTask, java.lang.Runnable,

This abstract class has to be used as base class for concurrent tasks in the context of an RGG. Such a task must not perform any immediate modification to the graph, however, it is allowed to add quasi-parallel actions to one of the queues of the current extent (see Graph.getQueues()). This includes XL rule application and quasi-parallel assignments to XL properties.

The task is implemented by the run method of the superinterface Runnable as in the following example:

     ConcurrentTask task = new ConcurrentTask ()
         public void run ()
             X ==> Y;
             a:A ::> a[value] :+= 1;

A concurrent task is added to an instance of ConcurrentTasks, then the invocation of solve on this instance will execute all added concurrent tasks.

Ole Kniemeyer
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Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 GraphState getGraphState()
 void markProcessed()
 void setGraphState(GraphState state)
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Constructor Detail


public ConcurrentTask()
Method Detail


public GraphState getGraphState()


public void markProcessed()


public void setGraphState(GraphState state)