Class Radiosity

  extended by de.grogra.ray2.tracing.ProcessorBase
      extended by de.grogra.ray2.tracing.RayProcessorBase
          extended by de.grogra.ray2.tracing.Radiosity
All Implemented Interfaces:
RayProcessor, java.lang.Cloneable

public class Radiosity
extends RayProcessorBase

This is a Radiosity Processor. It divides the scene into triangle patches and calculates the radiosity color for each.

Ralf Kopsch

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Field Summary
Fields inherited from class de.grogra.ray2.tracing.RayProcessorBase
enteredSolids, RECURSION_DEPTH, renderer, scene
Constructor Summary
          Creates a new Radiosity Processor.
Method Summary
protected  void appendStatisticsImpl(java.lang.StringBuffer stats)
 void getColorFromRay(Line ray, Spectrum resp, Color4f color, java.util.Random random)
          The main method of a ray processor.
 void initialize(PixelwiseRenderer renderer, Scene scene)
          With this method the processor is initialized with the scene and other information of a PixelwiseRenderer.
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dup, getIOR, getLightProcessor, initializeBeforeTracing, initLocals, mergeStatistics, record, record, setLightProcessor, setRecursionDepth, unrecord
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appendStatistics, clone
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Constructor Detail


public Radiosity()
Creates a new Radiosity Processor.

Method Detail


protected void appendStatisticsImpl(java.lang.StringBuffer stats)
Specified by:
appendStatisticsImpl in class ProcessorBase


public void getColorFromRay(Line ray,
                            Spectrum resp,
                            Color4f color,
                            java.util.Random random)
Description copied from interface: RayProcessor
The main method of a ray processor. This method computes a color for the specified ray. color.w contains the alpha value for the ray, the other components are premultiplied with this alpha value.

Specified by:
getColorFromRay in interface RayProcessor
getColorFromRay in class RayProcessorBase
ray - input - calculate for this ray
resp - responsivity of camera
color - output - the calculated color
random - pseudorandom generator


public void initialize(PixelwiseRenderer renderer,
                       Scene scene)
Description copied from interface: RayProcessor
With this method the processor is initialized with the scene and other information of a PixelwiseRenderer.

Specified by:
initialize in interface RayProcessor
initialize in class RayProcessorBase
renderer - the renderer which provides the needed information
scene - the scene which is rendered