Package de.grogra.ray2.radiosity

Class Summary
FormFactor This class contains the FormFactor value.
GroupListBuilder This Class creates a List of PatchGroups.
HemiCube This class creates a hemicube and calculates the delta form factors.
MyMeshVolume This is an extension of MeshVolume.
OptionReader Reads all Radiosity Options from the registry and checks if values where changed.
PatchGroup A PatchGroup is a triangle witch contains 4 sub triangles.
RadiosityAlgorithm This is the main radiosity calculation class.
SubPatch This class describes a patch containing a triangle.
Vector3d This class extends the javax.vecmath.Vector3d class and adds same rotation functions.
ViewCube This class describes a viewcube.
ZBuffer This class implements a Z-buffer for one side of the hemicube.
ZPixel This class represents one Pixel on the HemiCube.