Interface Filter

All Known Implementing Classes:
ClassicVRMLExport, CompilationFilter, ContourFilter, CSVWriter, DTDFilter, DTDSourceFile.Loader, DTGFilter, ExcelWriter, ExportModule, FilterBase, FunctionFilter, FunctionReader, GraphMLReader, GraphReader, GSReader, GSWriter, GSZReader, GSZWriter, GUnzipFilter, GZipFilter, HTMLWriter, ImageReader, ImageWriter, ImportModule, JavaFilter, LazyFilter, LSYFilter, LuminanceFilter, MSMLProjectLoader, MSMLReader, MSMLWriter, MTGExport, MTGFilter, MTGLoader, MTGReader, MTGSourceFile.Loader, NullResourceFilter, PDFWriter, PlainTextWriter, RegistryReader, RGGFilter, SAXFilterBase, SceneGraphExport, ShellFilter, SMBFilter, SourceFile.Loader, SPDFilter, StreamAdapter, SurfaceFilter, VRML97Export, X3DExport, X3DImport, XFrogFilter, XFrogProjectLoader, XLFilter, XMLPatchReader, XMLReaderBase, XMLTableReader, XMLWriter, XSLTFilter

public interface Filter

A Filter is part of a filter pipeline, consisting of a chain of Filters and FilterSources.

Ole Kniemeyer

Method Summary
 FilterSource getSource()
          Returns the data source of this filter.

Method Detail


FilterSource getSource()
Returns the data source of this filter.

the data source of this filter