Class ConstantSpectralCurve

  extended by de.grogra.persistence.ShareableBase
      extended by de.grogra.imp3d.spectral.SpectralCurve
          extended by de.grogra.imp3d.spectral.ConstantSpectralCurve
All Implemented Interfaces:
Manageable, Shareable

public class ConstantSpectralCurve
extends SpectralCurve

Very simple class equivalent to a constant spectral curve. Note that this is most likely physically impossible for amplitudes > 0, however this class can be handy since in practice spectral curves end up being integrated against the finite width color matching functions.

Nested Class Summary
static class ConstantSpectralCurve.Type
Field Summary
static ConstantSpectralCurve.Type $TYPE
static SCOType.Field amp$FIELD
Constructor Summary
ConstantSpectralCurve(float amp)
Method Summary
 ManageableType getManageableType()
 float sample(float lambda)
          This function determines the actual spectral curve data.
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Field Detail


public static final ConstantSpectralCurve.Type $TYPE


public static final SCOType.Field amp$FIELD
Constructor Detail


public ConstantSpectralCurve()


public ConstantSpectralCurve(float amp)
Method Detail


public ManageableType getManageableType()


public float sample(float lambda)
Description copied from class: SpectralCurve
This function determines the actual spectral curve data. Note that the lambda parameter is assumed to be in nanometers.

Specified by:
sample in class SpectralCurve
lambda - wavelength to sample in nanometers
the value of the spectral curve at this point