Class SMBReader

  extended by de.grogra.greenlab.amapsymbol.SMBReader

public class SMBReader
extends java.lang.Object

Class providing functionality to load SMB geometry data The SMBObject describes a geometric object stored in an .smb file. The .smb file format is used by the AMAPmod software. In this implementation, the class #PolygonMesh is re-used to represent an SMB object. As .smb files use unsigned variable types not supported by Java, the following Java variable types are used to represent the unsigned variable types. Java 'long' to represent C++ 'unsigned int32' Java 'int' to represent C++ 'unsigned int16' Java 'float' to represent C++ 'float' Due to the use of unsigned variables, the SMB object can contain more vertices than what the class #PolygonMesh can support. (Because #PolygonMesh uses int indices for indexing the vertices.) Considering that it is unlikely for the number of vertices to exceed the max of Java's int, PolygonMesh is re-used. This also allows re-use of the mesh calculation algorithms already existing in GroIMP.

yongzhi ong

Constructor Summary
SMBReader( input)
SMBReader( input, long length)
Method Summary
 Node getObeject()
 PolygonMesh getPolygonMesh()
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Constructor Detail


public SMBReader( input)


public SMBReader( input,
                 long length)
Method Detail


public Node getObeject()


public PolygonMesh getPolygonMesh()