Class GraphFilter.State

  extended by de.grogra.graph.GraphState
      extended by de.grogra.graph.GraphBase.State
          extended by de.grogra.graph.GraphFilter.State
Enclosing class:

protected class GraphFilter.State
extends GraphBase.State

Nested Class Summary
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Constructor Summary
GraphFilter.State(GraphState sourceState, ThreadContext ctx)
Method Summary
 boolean containsInTree(java.lang.Object object, boolean asNode)
          Tests whether an object is contained in the tree of the graph.
 GraphState createDelegate(ThreadContext tc)
 void setEdgeBits(java.lang.Object edge, int bits)
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Constructor Detail


public GraphFilter.State(GraphState sourceState,
                         ThreadContext ctx)
Method Detail


public boolean containsInTree(java.lang.Object object,
                              boolean asNode)
Description copied from class: GraphState
Tests whether an object is contained in the tree of the graph. The tree is defined by Graph.getTreePattern().

Specified by:
containsInTree in class GraphState
object - the object
asNode - true if object is a node, false if object is an edge
true iff the object is part of the tree


public GraphState createDelegate(ThreadContext tc)
Specified by:
createDelegate in class GraphState


public void setEdgeBits(java.lang.Object edge,
                        int bits)
Specified by:
setEdgeBits in class GraphState