Sascha Alexeyenko

University of Vienna

Einführung in die Semantik
(summer 2015)

Pronomen: Syntax und Semantik
(summer 2015)

University of Osnabrück

Semantics and Pragmatics
(winter 2014/15, with Mingya Liu)

Introduction to Semantics
(summer 2014)

Referential Dependencies [semantics of pronouns]
(winter 2013/14, with Peter Bosch)

Modeling Events [event semantics]
(summer 2013)

Adjective Semantics
(winter 2012/13, with Peter Bosch)

Introduction to Semantics
(summer 2010, with Carla Umbach)

Concepts and Words [issues in lexical semantics]
(summer 2009, with Ulf Krumnack, Katya Ovchinnikova, Konstantin Todorov)