Brief documentation of RCPM


RCPM is a customisable  programme to process large amounts of turbulent raw data in decently short amount of time.


After installation and configuration you might simply type
   RCPM.exe FiFo.cfg

to run the programme on your raw data and produce meaningful statistical output presumed the raw data are provided in the right format.
RCPM runs on Windows(32) and (hopefully soon) on UNIX® platforms, however, the latest version has been developed and tested under WindowsXP® using MS Visual-C 6.0®.

Excuse and motivation

It was not the original intention of The Authors to provide a software product for common use, but the programme can be useful for those who intend to spend a minimum amount of work in understanding its proper use.

Programme history and copy right

This first version of this progamme has been commonly developed by Kai Morgenstern and myself  in 1996 at the Institute of Bioclimatology, Georg-August University, Goettingen, Germany. Since then many other students and scientists, e.g.  Christoph Schuetz, Ingo Richter, Sven Blank, Uli Falk, Matthias Bleyl, Andy Kowalsky et. al.,  contributed to  the optimisation and test of  the code and its functionality.

  © Andreas Ibrom

Author Andreas Ibrom Date: 13.10.2005

Risø National Laboratory
BIO-ECO Byg. 309
Frederiksborgvej 399
DK-4000 Roskilde