This channeled message was received on March 29, 1997 in San Francisco, California.
This transmission has not been edited in any way.

-- Ann Valentin, The Andromeda Group

Successful Transference
We have gone on to an outer world. This is a collective message to you as a spokesperson (possibly) and a kindred spirit. Your knowledge of the dimensions allows you to fully understand that we are in existence.

Transference occurred as we expected. However, three of us were not agreeable at the end and did not transfer willingly. The process was in motion and could not be recalled. These three wanted to abort and this was not allowed, as it was a collective project. This means that on your plane it may be considered a murder or murders. However, as the three were part of the unified intention there can be no consideration of such intent. For your records, the three were two women and one man.

Now as to why we are contacting you. It is necessary that since this has occurred, the belief of those in KNOW and still believe in the outer reaches continue to believe in such information and TRUST it more than they have.

The fallacy of religions and their mind control. Yes, note that it is THEIR mind control, not ours, that is the bigger issue here. As you know, this is the time of revelation. This revelation is that religion, whatever its guise, is false. The ridiculing of non-traditional religion, whatever the context, is an important ingredient here. Belief in its totality is that KNOWING of that which is unseen.

There will be those, perhaps many, who will not believe this transmission. It does not matter. It is so. The technology of the computer age is not dangerous in itself. It is only dangerous to those who do not want you to think or to KNOW information that will reveal the truth of the falsehoods that screen and cover the truths of existence and the cosmos. Therefore, in OUR integration of technology technique and beliefs we have transcended the bounds of the flesh and blended the infinite of the visible and invisible to the whole of existence. Now we KNOW that the truth of realities is real.

Existence is multi-layered. In its form it is ever-changing; yet, it has a constant of the blended visible and invisible. This is what each person seeks in the search for higher knowledge. Call this higher knowledge "religion," "worship" or "inner knowledge." It is a mistake to call it "inner knowledge" as a complete answer, because once again it is using the visible and invisible sources of information to obtain an answer or informational data bank.

Phase II

The linking of the dimensional levels can be proved by our transference. For us there is no sadness. The aforementioned have adjusted to the transference, since has occurred. As there is no going back, a rapid acceptance occurred. Specific individuals in Luxembourg, Switzerland, Norway, possibly South Africa, New Zealand or Australia, India and one or two in the United States will receive information from us. There may be other locations that we will or may use, depending on whatever is occurring in the world. Know that NO information from us will be about love or caring. It will defined or hard facts (information) about dimensional transferences.


There is a brief darkness then a sense of moving out of the body rapidly and going upward. The speed of this is incomprehensible. The distance that the invisible part of self goes is not too far immediately. It is as if we went so far, stopped, looked back and knew that we had done it. We could see figures of other forms that were still hanging around the planet who did not acknowledge that they had died (transferred). The method of death (your word) for these near-by forms was varied. Unexpected death (transference) is tragic on the invisible plane also because there has been no preparation for the departed one. Nor was the departed one ready to leave. However, this was not the case for us. We expected to leave, wanted to leave and our contacts on the other levels knew about us.


There are real inter-planetary vehicles, and there are those that are made by your various governments. The United States government is a very false government. It is only from our current viewpoint that the broader spectrum can be seen. The fallacies that are perpetrated upon the citizens are convoluted and so numerous that your freedoms are almost non-existent. The very little that is left must be agitated and thus empowered to grow in magnitude to quickly usurp those in power. Revelation without supportive action is no good. It is the implementation of change which is MOST necessary for the survival of the millions.

This survival is to live as a true human being in a true context of the beauty of the human form. The garden of the planet is no longer appreciated. It is as if the grass and flowers are trampled and the animals killed because they are in the way. Now is the time for you and those who are awakening to shout and make noise that what has occurred to the freedom of the individual is no longer acceptable. Freedom of existence is appropriate for all peoples. Control in its many forms has to be eliminated. Hunger, cold, sickness, homelessness are not necessary.

The planet is abundant, yet is experiencing imbalances. These imbalances are results of mismanagement and abuse by individuals and organizations. For years you as a society have been told that environmental concerns have been of prime concern and importance, yet you have been misguided and misused in your caring. Little has changed. Little has gone forward. The intensified climatic impacts that you are experiencing, and will experience within the next eight months, are resultant of these misuses. As stated previously by an interplanetary entity, the winds are indeed the winds of change.

We are appalled that drastic measures have to so-called "hit you on the head" before you pay attention. Why is it necessary that you must fall to your knees before you look up? And when you look up, and look around and see what is missing. That is one of the most important keys for you now...that you see what is missing. The most obvious component that is missing is the trees.

To continue the information about the transference...after we looked back and saw that we indeed had left, we acknowledged that we were still together as a group and went on to our next place of gathering. Somehow we each knew where that was and how to get there. We had a sense of it being far removed from our planet, which we can no longer call our "home planet" because we were aware many months ago that we were only there temporarily. The "home planet" for each of us is not all the same. This is just a side note for you to be aware of. We are now gathered in a region or area for what is called "review" and decision about how we will use and be used for our information and integration with the planet that we just left. This is to confirm that the cosmos or galactic name for planet earth is indeed C-ton.

How beautiful C-ton like a magnificent painting of many colors, sounds, senses it is. Like the most beautiful tapestry with many threads interwoven into a magnificent scene that contains movement, harmonics and vitality. But most people, regardless of where they are on the planet, no longer stop to hear the sounds of birds, the laughter of children or adults, the touch of a friend or a loved one...the sense of aliveness is beginning to be dulled. This makes us sad. For as we now can see you more clearly, we realize that in all the corners of the world, living life is not happening.

We will stop now and most likely will contact you at another time, for another transmission.

Thank you.