An Urgent Message To Humanity (August 1997)

Imminent Earth Changes And How They Will Affect You

You are about to embark upon the greatest journey of your life. You and the rest of life on Planet Earth are about to partake in the raising of planetary consciousness.

Planet Earth is a living, conscious being. She began her life in a much higher consciousness than that in which we know her today. In her original state, she was created to be Heaven on Earth.

She was asked by the Supreme Creator if she would participate in a divine experiment. This experiment entailed that Earth receive over 6 billion enlightened souls from this and many other galaxies. The Creator's Divine Purpose was to see if these diverse groups could live harmoniously together and be able to grow spiritually in this third-dimensional realm.

But gradually, the people on the planet began to lose touch with their higher consciousness. They forgot about love and heart. They forgot their divinity and lost their connection to God. They fell from grace. All of life here on Earth has suffered and become dysfunctional. Power, greed, lust, self-interest and lies have succeeded in dividing humanity.

It is now the Millennium. (Our Gregorian calendar is off by four years, and the year 1997 is actually the year 2001.) Our dear planet, Mother Earth, is now in the process of transforming herself back to a state of Heaven on Earth. This truth is found in many prophecies, including those of the Bible and the Native Americans. Many religions talk about the Second Coming of the Christ.

You may have observed that there are many unusual weather patterns currently occurring all over the Earth. You, yourself, may be feeling somewhat strange -- sleeping more, or suffering from an upset stomach, headaches or other physical pains -- or undergoing other major life difficulties. You may be experiencing the speeding up of time. These are some of the signs that Earth is giving birth to a higher state of being -- to full consciousness. These Earth changes, which are physically and strategically connected to Earth's birthing process, are accelerating quickly and will soon become obvious over the entire planet. The restoration of the planet to her original pristine state is being scientifically documented (although the facts are not being communicated to the people of the world). At the time of this writing, the situation is particularly acute in Germany and Poland, where land mass changes that normally take millions of years are now occurring in a matter of hours.

The planet is about to enter into a complete state of emergency. When Earth's birthing process fully begins, you will need to be in a safe place. The Galactic Federation, which is sent to us by God, is fully prepared to move you to either a "holographic environment" or to a temporary residence aboard one of their star ships.

Due to the global magnitude of the Earth changes, many of you may have to be evacuated by space ships. There are currently millions of these ships waiting around the planet to take people from various parts of the Earth to live temporarily in holograms on large mother ships. These ships are presently cloaked, but will become visible at the appropriate time. You will live in these holograms on the mother ships until the Earth's holographic environments are complete.

Our friends from other planets have highly advanced scientific and technical capabilities by which they can create holograms (energy fields of light) that will exactly replicate your present home. The sun, moon and weather patterns will appear the same as you have known them and you will have housing, food, clothing and all you need to survive.

There will be no homelessness and no poverty. You will not have to go to work, pay bills or taxes, do housework, grow, cook or buy food. Replicators, like in the TV series "Star Trek", will provide your food and clothing. Everything you need in order to live will be provided for you until you are returned to Mother Earth.

After your Ascension, you will be in full consciousness. You will be able to create the way you look, manifest perfect health, create your own dwelling. You will be able to live for hundreds or thousands of years.

As they say in the movie "Star Wars", "the Force is with you". You will be with your families and your friends. Your Angelic Councils have always been with you. Soon you will be able to see them and to talk with them. You will begin to see that we are all truly one with all of life.

We know that this information may sound strange. You may be frightened by this message. We tell you these things only so that you will be prepared. You are very loved and there is nothing to fear.

Very shortly, as the Earth proceeds with its planetary changes, you will be given the opportunity to be evacuated. Please do not think that the place where you live will be safe. The entire planet will be shifting. There will be huge storms, volcanoes, floods, earthquakes, winds, hurricanes, tornadoes, etcetera.

You will have to choose whether or not you want to participate in this evacuation. To stay where you are and remain attached to your material possessions could very well be fatal. After the planet is completely restored, Earth's people will live in their created underground dwellings and environments. This is the way all fully conscious civilizations live throughout all of Creation. It explains why life on other planets is not visible to us.

There is life on other planets. We have benevolent space brothers and sisters who love us and care deeply about us. They will be here to help us through this tumultuous time on our planet.

It is important that you understand that these massive changes are being brought about by the grace of God. God is in charge here. You are all very special to God and God wants you to be safe and to live life the way it was originally intended to be. Life is meant to be free, joyful, beautiful and peaceful.

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