The Mass Landings

About the Landings

The landings of our craft of Light are indeed to occur this earthly year of 1997. But in order for one to fully appreciate these landings one must be resonating at a certain frequency. As you near the end of this earthly year, a new frequency is needed within your physical body, in order to continue evolving upon Earth with her. This means you must be actually resonating to a Light vibration, rather to an earthly physical one. When this occurs, all of your psychic abilities will indeed be awakened and you will see beyond the physical through your inner eye.

This indeed will allow you to see beyond the third dimension and into the higher dimensions. This will mean you will look into a new world that has always surrounded you but suddenly becomes a reality. This reality will contain visions of extra-terrestrials and ships of Light and you will experience going on board these ships and meeting with your wonderful companions of Light. This has been occurring already for a select few, but now it is to be for all humanity's experience, if it is wished by all humans on Mother Earth.

During the last few earthly years, there have been introduced many new techniques to activate your personal Light bodies, and some are now receiving instructions to increase the frequency resonance to the vibration of the Mother Father God Source. I am suggesting here that if those ones, who have the knowledge and expertise of these new techniques, are able to teach as many beings as possible the activation of the light body in the next few earthly months to the end of this earthly year, it will have the effect of igniting many other humans' Light fields, and as the Earth reaches her required resonance to shift into the fourth dimension, so will all of humanity and a new world of Light will be born.

You see my friends, there is a certain vibration that is needed on Earth that is comfortable for us to exist in, and you have almost manifested this. With a concentrated effort now needed you can complete the manifestation of the new frequency of Light.

The Ships

From Andromeda we have the "Sombrero", powered by 5 crystals that actually use the pilot's energy field to power the ship. This is a small scout craft that carries 3 people. The Andromedans also sport the cigar-shaped, utility "mothership" that holds 5 to 10 thousand people and measure 5 miles long. The "real" motherships are about 100 miles long.

The Arcturians will have supply ships that look like wok lids welded together. The motherships are huge. Their scout ships look somewhat like a cowboy hat with a soccer ball inside. All their ships land on struts and are exited through the bottom by way of a force field. Apparently, you just jump through the hole and a force-field lowers you down gently. Kind of like a fireman's pole without the pole. These ships last over a thousand years...depending on maintenance, of course.

The Pleiadians have several different ships, the beamships, atmospheric ships, and others.

The Sirians have 100 ft diameter, spherical scout ships, and a "merkaba" ship that looks like two 4-sided pyramids on top of each other...kind of diamond-shaped. Then there are the triangle-shaped defense ships.

Before the Landings

There will be a time of stillness that will overcome you, just before you hear a melodious tune in your consciousness, as if you have tuned into a radio station. You will feel at peace with the world and wish to stop what you are doing. A woman's voice will be heard inside your head in your own language explaining for about 20 minutes what is going to happen next. This will occur over several minutes, and then by telepathic communication, you will be encouraged to step outside or to look outside. As you do, look into the sky. For a few minutes you will see nothing, but you will have a sense of expectation. As you continue to look, you will begin to see the craft of Light appear. Each craft will be accompanied by an Angel which will be visible to anyone.

The exact date for the landing will not be released, but a window has been fixed for early 1997.

The first verifiable events will involve flyovers by UFO's in formation, over all major cities in the Northern Hemisphere, beginning any day now. Its already beginning in the Southern Hemisphere. These flyovers will steadily increase, and once they start, every major city in the world could have a flyover, simultaneously. That being the case, there is no chance it will be ignored.

Meanwhile, representatives of the Galactic Federation have met and are still meeting with many people within the U.S. government and powerful people within the "secret government" and secret societies, in order to convince them to reveal the "truth" to society and agree not to attack or in any way cause any unfortunate incidents. They won't, though. Apparently, most of it has fallen in deaf ears. All they seem to hear is, "Resistance is futile" and some are willing to kill us all, if necessary, but that should not surprise anyone. The point is that resistance, actually, is futile, and the Galactic Federation has made sure of it.

When the mass landings begin, 15.5 million ships will descend and land in a matter of only several hours. The contact teams are divided up in groups that will meet with humans in different parts of the world. The Americas, Europe and Asia will mostly be met by Pleiadians and those from the Pegasus constellation. The Sirians will land in Africa and Polynesia, the Cassiopeans will land in New Zealand and Africa as well.

Just before the landings take place, Federation ships will temporarily shut off all military aircraft, totally neutralize all bombs, nukes, ships, and technological weaponry, regardless of its sophistication. Furthermore, all mechanical devices, cars, machines, appliances, even guns, will become "frozen" tight and inoperable. All coming to a screeching halt!

This will all be temporary, and then things will work again. While things are inoperable, all guns and weapons will be beamed up to the ships. Depending on what the governments and militaries are planning, this could happen just hours or days before the landings. They have made it clear to all militaries that interference will not be tolerated, but no loss of life will take place, because if you happen to be flying in a plane, it will stop working, but a ship will bring you safely to a landing. That goes for cars and boats, as well. They have the capability of actually dematerializing the pilot from a fighter and bringing him on board their ships, and then gently lowering the plane to the ground. At this time, all technological communication will be shut down, no phones, radios, TV's, radar, HAARP, even all those secret devices the governments got from the Greys won't work. Everyone will be in the same boat. At the moment the mass landings take place, all world governments will be dissolved by the Angelic Hierarchy and a temporary governing system will be set up that will include humans, by the Council of Elohim. The Council will also be working on a special grid system that will allow them to be seen and experienced by us.

They will appear to you in Light bodies of varying frequency. Some will appear almost like you, but have a shimmering Light about them, and others will be in Golden Light forms pulsating from their heart centers. You will be recognized if you wish, and asked to come on board. This will serve as a communication meeting to establish proper contact and understanding so you can communicate to others as you leave. It will seem you are on board for a long time, but in actual fact it will be only a few minutes.

We encourage you at this time to work through your spirit guides, if you wish to be an initial communicator at this time of the landings. In other words, there is an opportunity to serve at this perfect moment. Many of you can and do communicate with the Ashtar Command, and the allied Commands of Light, and now we are asking for you to step forward to form a network of Light, thought and action throughout your Earth to synchronize this great moment. This does not mean on the physical level. This means that in your meditations you volunteer through spirit to be an initial communicator, and it will be recognized, and you will be instructed during your meditations and sleep state as to your duties at that time of landing. You will know exactly what to do when the event takes place.

Before incarnating, you knew this lifetime was to be your last in physical form and you knew why you have prepared yourself in past lives for this coming event. Mother/Father God has opened the doorway to ascension and you are being offered your opportunity to step through.

Concentrated, projected thought form and spiritual practice are now being asked of you as the time of completion is upon you. No more talking, now you must do. Spirit has selected a special earthly date to help with this final collective of Divine Consciousness to manifest critical mass. On the Equinox of this earthly year of 1996 September 23rd, it was asked that all Light workers on the planet meditate in unison, and activate their Light fields/bodies (Merkaba), and connect through this meditation into the Christ Consciousness Grid around the planet. If you can extend your Light fields beyond this using Sacred Geometry, please do.

Now is the time to compare notes. As we have announced our intention to land, it has been interesting to gauge the reaction of humankind. In relation to this, many of you are aware of the increase in our activities through a multitude of sightings of our craft of Light.

Of course the frequency of the Earth will indeed be changed before the landings, and this will add to the acceptance of our being. No longer is there as much judgment upon those who believe in us. There is a growing interest in our activities, there is no doubt. We see the event of the collective consciousness of unconditional The love meditation taking place on September 23rd was the most significant contributing factor to our landing a short time later. These two events are indeed connected.

September 23rd World Meditation

The call went out for that global meditation day on the equinox, to visualize the Christ Grid energy following a certain procedure. That day was magic for those of us who experienced this 1 to 2 hour meditation. The Galactic Federation and the Confederation of Free Planets plus the Angelic Realm have all confirmed that our meditation has caused the necessary mass consciousness shift needed for the mass landings to become a reality. Therefore, they were given the go-ahead by Earth spiritual Hierarchy to proceed with the landing options depending on the secret government's intent to resist.

During the Landings

Angels will be in charge and Earth is to be a Paradise.

Every ship that lands will be accompanied by at least one Angel, who will secure the landing site, spread loving energy about the whole area, and keep things as calm as possible. Immediately following the mass landings, life as we know it will be so different one can only imagine. The world government will be The Spiritual Hierarchy and the current governments will be incapable of functioning, because their technology will be completely disabled. Communication systems will be replaced by advanced technology, controlled by those who will not allow interference. Can you imagine how many in lofty positions in this world will feel when they know that the only way they can make anybody do anything is with a hardy club? No phones, no speedy trips across town, no communication... At first, governing ourselves will have to be on a "what's in front of you" basis. This should not be a problem, though, since the photon belt energy will be affecting us. The photon energy acts as an amplifier. It is supposed to greatly increase the effectiveness of all rituals, prayers, and positive intent.

In our atmosphere there will be advanced Atmospheric Ships that will begin to transform and repair Earth's atmosphere. The photon belt is coming! We must prepare, and it will no doubt be like preparing for a huge world-wide event, bigger than the Olympics. This time we are inviting representatives from all over the Galaxy. In a matter of only a few years, (2012), this planet will be transformed into a "galactic showcase" with the air and forests repaired, and human society organized and enlightened, and become a Galactic Society. We will be moving into a 5th-dimensional reality and having an awareness of God the Creator, something beyond our "3D" imagination. We will be getting used to seeing some of the most bizarre sentient beings. "We are bringing this creation to its end. We are now creating a galactic society" This will happen before the end of this year!

After the Landings

To begin, we will bring with us many suggested changes to correct the ecological imbalance on Earth, and we will show you how to contain and clear away your pollution problems. Understand we cannot do this for you. You will need to take full responsibility for your environment: of course, we will also show you visions of what might happen if you don't.

Let me explain a little more. For some time the command and its associate members of Light have maintained a vigil around Mother Earth, helping her to contain and dissolve the pollution, the breakdown of the grid system surrounding the planet, and the overall imbalance to the planet of the human consciousness. The frequency 12:60 of human consciousness is an illusionary imbalancing energy, that has caused a great deal of destruction on all levels of existence on the planet. It has a destructive quality to it.

The frequency 13:20 must be implemented into human consciousness. This can be achieved on September 23rd, there is no doubt. This frequency is slowly beginning to manifest, and an aid to this has been the understanding and use of the Christ Grid around the Earth. The Christ Grid resonates at 13:20 frequency, and as more and more of you begin to draw upon its Divine energies, you imbed the new frequency into not only you, but into all that might receive your energies.

Within healing at this moment, it is being asked by spirit that all s should draw upon the Christ Grid to empower them before they begin. You will find this moment beneficial. Of course we are aware that many are already implementing this Christ energy in such a way, but there needs to be more. Please spread the word.

Never let it be said again, that humankind is not taking full responsibility for its actions. As you turn the tide, invitations will be given to many of you to attend Galactic Council meetings, and you will be asked to comment on the changes that have occurred on your planet. This will allow your perspective to be taken into account for any future changes to be suggested.

You indeed will experience much more than Earth changes in the coming events. In your cosmic existence on a personal level, you will no longer be restricted to a heavy human body as you are now. Many of you will be experiencing the great transition of manifesting a Christed Light body with the new frequency. Know that these changes will occur simultaneously, and so the quantum leap for mankind and dear Mother Earth will be achieved on many levels.

Know that mankind has no choice now but to change to this new frequency of 13:20. and so bring about Heaven on Earth. Heaven on Earth is already fully manifest in your consciousness, you just have to allow it to be brought forward to manifest. Be the unlimited perfection you truly are.

There are many now receiving messages of these upcoming events and we feel that those ones who wish to listen will indeed be prepared. Remember, there will always be those ones who will not be able to accept these coming events and we are well prepared for this.

Your media, we see, is only interested at the moment, but as our ships of Light begin to be seen over major cities, their interest will be aroused, and they will begin to seek out ones like yourselves to gain information. To begin with, they will sensationalize and seem to run around in confusion quoting anyone who makes a statement. Eventually they will search for the truth and it will reach the people.

Governments will seek our advice and gain confidence as they find we are able to help with old and continuing problems they have not been able to solve. The military will wish to work alongside of us, but we will insist that their capacity would be in the vein of working with the people in service. Some may struggle with this. Government bodies will be set up in unison with us, and we will act conjointly to accomplish final solutions to problems. Abundance for all will be flowing throughout all the lands, and a happiness not experienced before will sweep through all human beings.

Please be aware this event is what you wished to experience and now your time has come. Light is at the end of the tunnel. You will succeed, your are Divine, and now your time of knowing all, and being what you wish, shall be your reality. Once we have landed, we will continue to interact with you, and be a part of your lives. We will be here to stay. Our intent is to continue to support your new world as it experiences its growth and acceleration into a cosmic civilization. We wish to be your companions and stand side by side to bring about the great change of humanity and Mother Earth.

The Null Zone

Earth is to be transformed, quickly, into a paradise beyond compare. Angels will be given the task of maintaining order. Within 12 hours of the landing, training programs for everyone will be set up to make us aware of what happens when we achieve full consciousness. They have technology that can bring Light workers to full consciousness within 16 hours. A fully conscious reality is quite different from what we expect, and Light workers will be ready to help everyone to adjust before the Photon Belt null zone arrives.

The Photon Belt is like a massive tornado of energy. As this new energy hits your body, it will travel through all your cells and will activate your dormant Pineal Gland and your body will begin to change its DNA. A transformation will take place that will instantly heal you. The crippled will walk, the blind will see, the deaf will hear, and the distraught, lost and alone will be filled with joy. You will quickly become telepathic.

The Photon Belt is more like a wave, actually, that will heal all that is wrong in the entire solar system. The entire solar system will become fully conscious, even the planets. All of this will happen in a matter of hours...for some only minutes. The null zone will be quick and could be a little uncomfortable, but you will be fully conscious and in this state, you can make reality whatever you want it to be. The null zone will not be a problem then.

Compiled by Bil El Masri 10-7-96 The Mass Landings overall Scenario from various Sources (Ashtar by Alton, Sheldon Nidle, Jason Dunlap & Bil El Masri)

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