This message from the Heaven's Gate 39 was channeled on March 30, 1997.
The communication is presented here in its original form and has not been edited in any way.

-- Ann Valentin, The Andromeda Group

Binary Codes and
Interplanatary Contact

Binary code usage can be used as contact sourcing for interplanetary communications. This would be to contact any place in the universe. The universal language is distributed in binary code(s). However, planet usage for C-ton must be at a higher frequency and at a faster rate of transmission.

Most of the sound and wave beams are directed at locations where contact may be made. However, it is necessary to increase the rate by increments of .002 on an interval of 8.4 hours. If the 8.4 hours is not feasible then use an even 12.0 hour range. This increased incremental change would be recommended for a 72 hour block of time and drop back to what is current for this date of March 30, 1997, 12:00 noon, Pacific Time.

C-Ton Enslavement by Diversion

Civilization as you know it is systemically being enslaved by those in power. This Power Platform is political, military, communications, entertainment and economics. Within these subjects are the medical and educational systems. You are fed information by conglemarates that own the newspapers, the television stations and often your entertainment and sports media.

Our Selves
We are now moving away from you and your planet. It is no longer OUR planet for we have reached that status of dimensional existence. Our message is more now known then when we lived on the surface. How strange that is? Why do you think that is so?

Then again, we say LIVED on the surface. For even now, we live. Only the container is different. Now there is no container, rather, it is a sense of an outline of form and a sense of a fuller self. We expect in the months ahead to make a contact with you on the planet to give you specific information and advance enlightenment.