Dr. Rolf Callauch

 Neuer Botanischer Garten
     Universität Göttingen
      Grisebachstr. 1a

   D-37077 Göttingen


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Welcome to my Personal Homepage !

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Since 1984 I'm working as biologist and teacher for plant identification and vegetation science at the Albrecht-von-Haller Institut of the Universität Göttingen. My special subject is the development of the Neue Botanische Garten  situated in the new university area (Uni-Nordbereich). From the beginning in 1992 I am secretary of the gardenfriends "Freunde der Botanischen Gärten" .

If you are interested in my work (literaturelist), in our plant collection, in our guided garden tours Führungen (dates) or in the exciting fieldtrips (excursions) and lectures of the friends or if you wish to become member, please contact me by phone (0049-551-395725), send a fax (0049-551-393556) or Email (rcallau@gwdg.de).

Updated July 4, 2001