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We're constantly looking for highly motivated and talented students, and we try to offer as many thesis projects as possible as long as we have free capacities available. If you are interested in writing your thesis in our lab, then please inquire well ahead of your intended starting date to help us planning.

BSc and MSc theses
Interested in one of our current research projects? Want to contribute to our work in one of the projects in close collaboration with one of our PhD students? Then please inquire by e-mail, and include your CV and (only for MSc students) a PDF copy of your BSc thesis. Then we can make an appointment and discuss possible projects for your thesis.

PhD theses
Looking for a PhD position in the field of arthropod biology and diversity? Then please consider joining our lab,
to develop further any of our ongoing projects, or start with your own research ideas: we are open for all projects dealing with the biology and diversity of the arthropods. Please send me your CV, list of publications (if applicable) and PDF copies of any theses (BSc, MSc, Dipl.-Biol. etc.) you have already submitted. If you still require funding for your PhD thesis, then please contact me well ahead of your intended start date, so we can discuss possible funding sources or apply for external money. 

Postdoc projects
You got your own research project and independent funding? You are looking for a group with a deep interest in all aspects of arthropod biology and diversity, with extensive know-how on non-standard lab models? Then please consider to join us (see contact for details)! If you do not have funding yet, then please contact me well ahead of your intended start date, so we can discuss funding options.

Visiting scientists
You are always welcome to join us as a visiting scientist, to learn a technique, discuss your work and ideas with us, or perform parts of your research in our lab. Please do not hesitate to contact me, if you or members of your team are interested in joining our lab!

Contact us. Contact details are available for each current team member from this page. For general details and addresses please see the Contact page.

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