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Ever struggled with finding an old paper in a rare journal? Ever wondered whether you already have downloaded the latest paper in your field, and just where on your chaotic hard-drive you have saved the PDF? Yes? Well, so did we, and therefore we decided to have a central collection of all documents about spider evolution and development collected by us over time. Use the search field to input any key words and retrieve a list of documents with these key words in their title or abstract. If the document is a paper from a journal, then you can find a digital copy of the document in PDF format in our Digital Document collection. However, for copyright reasons access to this collection is password protected and is only available to members of our lab for personal use. Books can be found on Niko´s shelf- please return them after use.

We collect literature mainly about spider evolution and development
. Papers about other aspects of spider biology may be included as well, especially about spider phylogeny, behavior and morphology.


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