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LAB NEWS: The Prpic Lab has moved: as of April 1, 2018 our new address is the Carl-Vogt-Building of the University of Gießen. New contact details to follow very soon...!

Welcome to the Web site of the Prpic lab. We hope that you find the information that we have compiled here on our Web site interesting. If you have questions or suggestions about our work and activities, we're happy to receive feedback from you!

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SpiderWeb Consortium. Spider Web is an alliance of several research groups who are interested in the development, evolution, phylogeny and diversity of spiders. SpiderWeb serves as a way to share and discuss ideas, knowledge, resources and materials. Data sharing and joint meetings further increase the synergy, support common scientific projects, and help to manage all available resources economically. Our group is a founding member of SpiderWeb. More information is available from the SpiderWeb Site.

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