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January 30, 2015: Seminar for the "KinderUni": "Warum Spinnen nur acht Beine haben" (school kids age 6 to 12)

May 2014: Arthropod body plans explained for Kindergarten kids (age 3-6 years)

April 2012: A day in the lab for school kids (grade 5) during the "Niedersächsischer Zukunftstag für Mädchen und Jungen

August-September 2009: Grade 10 school practical (1 week)

November 2007: Grade 10 school practical (1 week)

July 2002: Teacher at the "Science Street", a public science event at the Gürzenich Hall in Cologne, organised by KölnPub e.V., an organisation devoted to promoting public education about molecular biosciences

Last update: January 7, 2016
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