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for Zoology and Anthropology
Department of Cellular Neurobiology

apl. Prof. Dr. Andreas Stumpner

Julia-Lermontowa-Weg 3, level 4
Tel. +49 551/39-177956;
E-Mail: astumpn (at)

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The most important goal of my research is to understand song recognition of Orthoptera (grasshoppers, bushcrickets, crickets) on the behavioural and neuronal level. I aim to learn more about mechanisms and real elements, which allow the extraction of relevant parameters of natural signals.

At the moment, a Greek bushcricket species and some of its relatives in the group Barbitistini are in the focus of my studies. The songs  of the different species, and of males and females, differ in temporal pattern and sometimes also in frequency spectrum. The studies include behavioural studies, the peripheral hearing system and the central system with auditory interneurones with origin in the thorax. I use intracellular recordings and staining techniques, histological analysis, backfills, cell killing experiments and immunohistochemical methods. The comparative studies with related species focus on behaviour and specific neurones.

Other project, in cooperation with people from Berlin, Gießen and Zürich, deal with song recognition in grasshoppers, song production in tropical bush crickets and hearing in parasitoid flies (parasitizing in bushcrickets or cicada).

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