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Nganasans. Nganasans, the most northern Samoyed people, are living on the Taimyr Peninsula. They are always been a small people in number - 876 according... - size 3K - 10 Feb 96

Nganasan shamans
The Nganasan Shamans from Kosterkin Family. After the Russian ethnologist Andrei Popov had published in 1936 his first book about Nganasans, the name of... - size 4K - 6 Mar 96

Clean tent rite
The Clean Tent Rite. After the end of the polar night the clean tent rite was performed by the Nganasan shamans. Only a great shaman, who has helping... - size 9K - 26 Feb 96

Incantator's home page
home page. Supported by the Institute of Estonian Language and the Estonian Folklore Archives. Studies in Siberian shamanism and religions of the... - size 2K - 27 Mar 96

About the Incantator. Two rivers into one my spell is pouring, Their willowed shores will soon together lie, And rains from both of skies will mix this... - size 2K - 4 Mar 96

Endangered languages in Northeast Asia: report
UNESCO RED BOOK ON ENDANGERED LANGUAGES: NORTHEAST ASIA. by Juha Janhunen (nearly all entries) and Tapani Salminen (two entries and general editing)... - size 142K - 25 Feb 96

g05ae -- The Cave Library
The Cave Library. WELCOME. Yes, it is true that we do our best work in the dark quiet of the Earth. But, fortunately for us, many who have gone before... - size 22K - 28 Jan 96

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Folketelling - etnisk fordeling: Total Russland. 1989. Etnisk gruppe. Antall. Andel. Total. 147021869. 100% Russian. 119866000. 81,53 % Tatarian. 5522000.... - size 12K - 19 Apr 96

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In Soviet Siberia. Contrast these two scenes: Arrival, Nov. 13, 1988. We land in Leningrad, almost alone on a marginal old Tupelev jetliner, arriving on a... - size 49K - 12 Jun 95

Department of Finno-Ugrian Studies
Department of Finno-Ugrian Studies. Head Dr. Tibor Mikola, full professor. Deputy Head Dr. Edit Mészáros, assistant professor. Full-time Academic Staff 9.... - size 3K - 15 May 95

Pediatric Exercise Science Tables of Contents, Vol 7
Journals Home | PES Home | Current Volume 1995 Volume || Vol. 7 #1 | Vol. 7 #2 | Vol. 7 #3 | Vol. 7 #4 | Vol. 7 Index. Pediatric Exercise Science. Volume... - size 9K - 3 Apr 96

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LINGUISTICS. Department of General and Applied Linguistics H-6720 Szeged, Egyetem u. 2.Phone:(36-62) 310-011 ext.3148. THEORETICAL LINGUISTICS. Programme... - size 16K - 7 Mar 96

"Armeenian invaliidit" (p.o. Armenian invalidit)
Armeenian invaliidit" (p.o. Armenian invalidit). Pitkä vai lyhyt vokaali vierassanoissa? Kielikello 4/93, Lyhennelmä. Terho Itkonen. Obligatsionista... - size 6K - 22 Apr 96

Initiatory visions
Dyukhade's initiatory visions. At first he was descending somewhere, then he grasped that there was a sea beneath him. While walking by the sea, he... - size 6K - 10 Feb 96

Muita julkaisuja ‹ Other publications
Muita Suomalais-Ugrilaisen Seuran julkaisuja ‹ Other publications of the Finno-Ugrian Society. Myy / for sale at Tiedekirja Kirkkokatu 14 FIN-00170... - size 22K - 22 Nov 95

Dekret des Präsidenten vom 22. April 1992
Dekret des Präsidenten vom 22. April 1992 "Über dringende Maßnahmen zum Schutz der Siedlungsgebiete und Wirtschaftstätigkeit der... - size 3K - 4 Mar 96

The HGDP "Hit List" circa 1993
The HGDP "Hit List" circa 1993. In 1993 the HGDP prepared a preliminary list of over 700 groups to be prioritized in sampling. A copy of this list was... - size 20K - 17 Jan 96

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Hello,Suvat Privet.Greetings from Siberia! We hope that circle of World Arctic School can at last receive our messages. Maybe some words why we call our... - size 19K - 29 May 95

Rol'nik Abstract

Writings of Dr. Lennart Meri
Writings of Dr. Lennart Meri. Lennart Meri, Explorer, once -- in the period of his "Winds of the Milky Way" --visited the Folklore Department of Helsinki... - size 10K - 15 Feb 96

Suomalais-Ugrilaisen Seuran Aikakauskirja ‹ Journal de la Société Finno-Ougrienne. (Journal of the Finno-Ugrian Society) (ISSN 0355-0214) Päätoimittaja /... - size 65K - 6 Feb 96

No Title
Hello,Suvat Privet.Greetings from Siberia! We hope that circle of World Arctic School can at last receive our messages. Maybe some words why we call our... - size 8K - 4 Mar 95

POLITIK UND SOZIALES. Die russische Indigenenpolitik und die Rechtslage der indigenen Völker - Geschichtlicher Überblick. Als die ersten... - size 35K - 4 Mar 96

Ethnologue Database: Russia, Asia
Russia, Europe. Continent. Europe. Alternate language names. ABAZIN, TAPANTA, ABAZINTSY, ASHUWA, BEZSHAGH. Dialect names. TAPANTA, ASHKARAUA. Genetic... - size 12K - 15 Nov 95

No Title
ALTAI, SOUTHERN (Russia, Asia) Country. Russia, Asia. Language code. ALT. Continent. Asia. Alternate language names. OIROT, OYROT, ALTAI. Dialect names.... - size 8K - 14 Nov 95

International Symposium on Endangered Languages
International Symposium on Endangered Languages November 18-20, 1995 University of Tokyo. Endangered Languages of Russia: an Informational Database. Vida... - size 3K - 15 Nov 95

Summary of the Uralic languages
The Uralic languages. To those interested in Uralic linguistics: The following table, prepared at the Department of Finno-Ugrian Studies, University of... - size 6K - 6 Nov 94