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Assistant Professor (W1) at University of Mainz ("International Economics").
Former Macroeconomist at the
World Bank.

»When everything becomes uncertain, the laws of probability still hold.«


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JOB MARKET PAPER [revised and resubmitted to The World Economy]

The (updated) syllabus for the seminar "Dealing with Economic Crises" is available here. The slides from the introductory meeting are here.

I will present some of my work at the IHS Workshop on High-Dimensional Time Series (Vienna, 5/22) and at the WUWAETRIX-3 Workshop (Vienna, 5/28).

Our World Bank report on Benchmarking the Determinants of Economic Growth in Latin America and the Caribbean is available here.

Our "Malaysia Economic Monitor," where I contributed sections on the financial and external sector, and a note on capital flows and their macro-financial linkages, is available here..

Here is my Twitter account: KM_Wacker

Recent talks
University of Göttingen, June, 4, 2014 (staff seminar Prof. Klasen)
Labor and Poverty Practice Group Meeting, December 17, 2013
wiiw seminar in international economics, June 27, 2013.

DAAD Workshop on "Exchange Rate Regimes in Developing Countries" @ HTW Berlin, June 19, 2013
Research Seminar on Socioeconomic Perspectives @ TU Wien, May 23, 2013
WIFO extern, May 14, 2013
ECB IPA economic meeting, March 19, 2013
ECB External Developments' seminar, November 23, 2012
dissertation defense at University of Göttingen, November 16, 2012
staff seminar of Prof. Klasen, July, 24
Centre for Statistics summer school, July 6, 2012
Universität Göttingen, PhD seminar, January 18, 2012
Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Departmental Seminar, November 2011 [presentation]
Conference "Globalization: Strategies and Effects", Kolding/Aarhus University, November 2011 [presentation]
IMF Institute, October 2011
Statistics Departmental Seminar, October 2011


Konstantin M. Wacker
Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz
Jakob-Welder-Weg 4, Room 01-145
55128 Mainz

phone: +49  6131 - 39 20770
US cell: +1-(202) 473 9326

mail:  kwacker [at] uni dash mainz dot de
skype: konsty82

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