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Bahar Razavi
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Referred Journals (Papers in PDF)


Razavi BS, Hoang D, Blagodatskaya E, Kuzyakov Y. Mapping footprint of nematodes in the rhizosphere: cluster root formation and spatial distribution of enzyme activities. (Submitted to Soil Biology & Biochemistry).

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Ge T, Wei X, Razavi BS*, Zhu Z ,Hu Y , Kuzyakov Y , Jones D , Wu J. Stability and dynamics of enzyme activity patterns in the rice rhizosphere: Effects of plant growth and temperature. (Submitted to Soil Biology & Biochemistry).

Liu S, Razavi BS, Su X, Maharjan M, Zarebanadkoukid M, Blagodatskaya E, Kuzyakov Y, Spatio-temporal patterns of enzyme activities after manure application reflect mechanisms of niche differentiation between plants and microorganisms. (Submitted to Soil Biology & Biochemistry).



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Bahar Razavi, Ali Gholami, Mansour Parehkar, Investigation on pore water pressure in core of Karkheh dam, 2011, Advances in Environmental Biology, 2417-2421, ISSN.