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37073 Göttingen Germany joost dot kremers at phil dot uni-goettingen dot de

Work in progress

Prosodic Syntax (Habilitationsschrift)

(To be) published

(2015) Morphology is in the Eye of the Beholder
Linguistische Berichte (forthcoming). final draft (pdf)

(2014) Parallel Structures
in: LinG 1, pp. 1–36. pdf

(2014) The Selection of Marked Exponents in a Parallel Grammar
in: Lingue e Linguaggio 2014:1, pp. 103–125. pdf

(2014) On the properties of attributive phrases in Germanic (and beyond) (Together with Volker Struckmeier)
in: P. Sleeman, F v.d. Velde and H. Perridon (eds), Adjectives in Germanic and Romance. Amsterdam/Philadelphia: John Benjamins, pp. 149–169. pdf

(2013) Linearization as Repair
in: E. Fuss & P. Brandt (eds), Repairs: The Added Value of Being Wrong. Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter, pp. 207–236. pdf

(2012) Arabic Verbal Nouns as Phonological Head Movement
in: Working Papers of SFB 732 ‘Incremental Specification in Context’. Stuttgart University, pp. 73–96. pdf

(2012) The Syntax of Simultaneity
in: Lingua 122:9, pp. 979–1003. final draft (pdf)

(2009) Phases and cycles: Some problems with phase theory (together with Günther Grewendorf)
in: The Linguistic Review 26:4, pp. 385–430. pdf

(2009) Recursive linearisation
in: The Linguistic Review 26:1, pp. 135–166. pdf

(2009) A prosodic approach to particle verbs
in: Linguistische Berichte 217, pp. 81–96. pdf

(2007) Masdar formation pdf
in: H. Motzki and E. Ditters, Approaches to Arabic Linguistics: Presented to Kees Versteegh on the Occasion of His Sixtieth Birthday, Leiden: Brill, pp. , pp. 475–499.

(2006-2007) Minimalism and Arabic pdf
Reciprocals pdf Reflexives pdf
in: K. Versteegh (ed.) The Encyclopaedia of Arabic Language and Linguistics.

(2005) Adjectival constructs in Arabic
in: Linguistische Berichte 203, pp. 331–348. pdf

(2003) The Arabic noun phrase: a minimalist approach pdf
PhD Thesis, University of Nijmegen.

(2003) Adjectival Agreement in the Arabic Noun Phrase pdf
in: M. van Koppen, J. Sio and M. de Vos, Proceedings of ConSOLE XI

Selected handouts, presentations, posters

Deutsch als Bantu-Sprache, und was uns das über das Sprachvermögen sagt pdf
Linguistisches Kolloquium, Göttingen, 10 January 2013

The selection of marked exponents in a parallel grammar pdf
Workshop on the Selection and Representation of Exponents, Tromsø, 7-8 June, 2012

Clitics in a parallel grammar pdf
Workshop Clitics and Beyond, Göttingen, 3-5 May, 2012

Morphology as a module of grammar? pdf
International Morphology Meeting, Vienna, 9-12 February, 2012

Deverbal nouns as phonological head “movement”? pdf
JeNom 4, Stuttgart, 16-77 June, 2011

Morphology –like syntax– is in the eye of the beholder pdf
Parallel Domains Workshop, Los Angeles, 5-7 May 2011

Rethinking Linearisation pdf
GGS Tagung, Leipzig, 21-24 May 2009

Linearisation as repair pdf
DGfS, Osnabrück, 3-6 März 2009

Partikelverben und Deverbalnomen. Oder: Wie man die Morphologie/Syntax los wird.
Linguistischer Arbeitskreis, Cologne, 3 December 2008

Zu strukturellem Kasus und Phasentheorie pdf
Linguistischer Arbeitskreis, Cologne, 11 July 2007

Zu Ergänzungen in der Nominalphrase pdf (together with Amina Hallab)
Linguistischer Arbeitskreis, Cologne, 20 June 2007

Zur Wortbildung arabischer Deverbalnomen pdf
GGS Tagung Konstanz, 18-20 May 2007 (print version)

Discussion of Chomsky’s (2005) On Phases paper pdf
Class notes 2005/2006

Linearisation as syntax-phonology mapping pdf
GGS Tagung Stuttgart, 26-28 May 2006

Arabic deverbal nouns handout, poster
Workshop DP/QP/Nominalisations, Saarbrücken, 16-17 December 2005

Adjectival constructs in Arabic pdf
Mediterranean Syntax Meeting, Rhodes, 23-25 June 2005

Arabic pidgins and Arabic colloquials: a syntactic comparison pdf
Second International Conference on Contrastive
Rhetoric at the American University in Cairo, 23-25 March 2001.

Older manuscripts

Genitives: a recursive linearization approach pdf

Recursive linearization pdf

A recursive linearization approach to Arabic noun phrases pdf