Some recent work

To appear Quantified Concealed Questions, Natural Language Semantics (pre-final draft)

To appear Concealed Questions. Research monograph accepted for publication in the series Oxford Studies in Theoretical Linguistics, Oxford University Press.

2012 Adnominal Conditionals. Talk given at the workshop Modality at Ottawa; extended version presented at Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona (slides)

2011 (with Kyle Rawlins) Unconditional concealed questions and the nature of Heim ambiguity. Proceedings of SALT 21, Rutgers University. (poster, paper)

2010 Quantified Concealed Questions and descriptive traces. Talk given at NELS 41, UPenn. (slides; paper under request)

2010 Concealed Questions. In Search of Answers. PhD dissertation, University of Massachusetts at Amherst. Committee members: Angelika Kratzer (chair), Rajesh Bhatt, Philip Bricker, Irene Heim.

2010 Copular Questions and Concealed Questions. In Proceedings of SUB 14, Vienna. (paper, slides)

2007 The Role of discourse prominence in the resolution of referential ambiguities. Evidence from co-reference in Italian.

(Poster presented at CUNY 20, paper version (in press, Semantics and Processing UMOP 37, Amherst GLSA)

2006 The de re analysis of concealed questions: a unified approach to definite and indefinite concealed questions. In Proceedings of SALT 16. (paper)

Ilaria Frana

frana at linguist dot umass dot edu

Visiting Assistant Professor

Linguistics Department, UMass Amherst

Ph.D. University of Massachusetts Amherst. 2010.