A city generator designed for the seminar "Artificial Growth Processes" held at BTU Cottbus.

DOWNLOAD: city.gsz.

DATE: 17.04.2008

AUTHOR: Ole Kniemeyer

This is a model of artificial growth of buildings. Given a set of existing context buildings and trees, new buildings are added with initially circular shapes. These shapes grow by moving away from the centre, thereby respecting obstacles, i.e., other buildings or trees.

Use this model as follows: "Reset" creates a new initial city of context buildings with random placement. These buildings may be moved interactively. Then "initializeBuildings" places a set of artificial buildings into the city. If you are not satisfied by the chosen random placement, "initializeBuildings" may be invoked again. Finally, "Run grow" lets the artificial buildings grow. Click on "Stop" if growth shall terminate.

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