Current Job Offers (2)

1. Postdoctoral position in Polaritonic Chemistry project

When photoactive molecules interact strongly with confined light modes as found in plasmonic structures or optical cavities, new hybrid light-matter states can form, the so-called polaritons. These polaritons are coherent super-positions of excitations of the molecules and of the cavity photon or surface plasmon. Recent experimental and theoretical works suggest that access to these polaritons in cavities might provide a totally new and attractive paradigm for controlling chemical reactions.

Polaritonic Chemistry: molecules inside optical cavities interact stronger with the confined light than outside, which can change the chemistry.

In the project we are closely working together with the Molecular electronics and plasmonics group of Prof. Jussi Toppari and the condensed matter theory group of Prof. Tero Heikkila to understand the effects of strong coupling on molecules with the aim of ultimately design nanophotonic devices for manipulating chemical reactivity. For our team we are searching motivated and talented individuals who want to either work on a theoretical model to predict the effect of strong coupling, or on experiments to validate that model.

2. Postdoctoral position in ProtoMot project

The objective of ProtoMot is to elucidate the molecular mechanism by which the proton-motive force rectifies the Brownian motion of the c-subunit ring of ATPase into unidirectional rotation.
Proton-fueled rotation of c-ring in Fo subunit of ATPase

As a Postdoctoral researcher you will:

To apply, please email your motivation letter, curriculum vitae, including a publication list and the contact details of two senior academics for reference, to Gerrit Groenhof. Applications will be considered until the position is filled.

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