Current announcements

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Bringing your own money

You have obtained a fellowship or plan to apply for one? If you are interested in performing your work in the lab please write me an e-mail with some words on your motivation to chose our lab and what aspects of our work you are most interested in. If you have an own idea for a project then you are welcome to suggest it - preferrably matching the focus of my lab on head and brain development and on Tribolium as model system. In addition, please append a CV (pdf or word document), which should include your grades in BSc and MSc studies and the e-mail adresses of two referees, who are willing to write a letter of support for you. We can then start a discussion on possible projects for you and I can give advice for the writing of your proposal.

Working in my lab

We are a highly interactive and collaborative lab where all projects center around a common topic. Therefore, there is a lot of synergy between the different projects which can only be fully realized with a group of team players. Hence, I will expect you to integrate to the group and share your expertise with your lab mates and contribute to lab organization.
After some months of introduction, I expect you to push your project forward independently (both technically and intellectually) and we will discuss your progress and your future plans in bi-weekly meetings. Of course, I am available for additional discussions or trouble shooting at any time. If you have children I will be happy to discuss with you how to coordinate your scientific work with child care - this should not be a problem.


The Georg-August-University is one of the top universities in Germany (e.g. Times Higher Education (THE) 2010-2012, Shanghai Ranking, funding ranking of German Research Foundation (DFG)). The Faculty of Biology of Göttingen is in the top group in a European comparison (CHE 2010).