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Old Teaching

In Göttingen:

Title Date Files
Differential Geometry 3 (Exercises) Winter Term 2016/2017 Stud.IP
Differential Geometry 2 (Exercises) Summer Term 2016 Stud.IP

In Hanover:

Title Date Files
Mathematics 1 for Life Science and Earth Sciences (times, contents) Winter Term 2015 Stud.IP
Mathematics for Engineers 2 (tutorial) Summer Term 2015 Stud.IP
Analysis 1 (tutorial) Winter Term 2014 Stud.IP
Gauge Field Theory (exercises) Winter Term 2013 Stud.IP
Global Analysis (exercises) Summer Term 2012 Stud.IP
Analysis 1 (tutorial) Winter Term 2011 Stud.IP

The Graduate Student's Seminar (Hanover)

In the winter term 2012/2013, the summer term 2013 and partly in the winter term 2013/2014, I organized the graduate student's seminar of the Research Training Group 1463. You can find some old schedules and topics of the seminar below.

During the semester, the graduate students of the GRK 1463 meet on mondays around 2 pm. The idea is to discuss various topics from our research interests at a very basic level. We want to improve our ability to give talks and to introduce others to the most fundamental parts of our areas of research. If you are interested in learning about any particular topic, we might be able to find someone from our own ranks to help.

Speakers for the summer term 2013:

08.04.Malte WandelHomological AlgebraG 0052:00 pm
15.04.variousGRK 1463 ColloquiumF 3094:15 pm
22.04.Magnus GoffengPoisson GeometryG 0052:15 pm
29.04.variousGRK 1463 ColloquiumF 3094:15 pm
06.05.--G 0052:00 pm
13.05.--C 1092:00 pm
27.05.Alexey BasalaevWDVV Solutions in Dimension 6 over ℚG 0052:00 pm
03.06.Felix LubbeSolitonsG 0052:00 pm
10.06.Nikolaos Roidos
Abstract Wave Equation
GRK 1463 Colloquium
G 005
F 309
2:00 pm
4:15 pm
17.06.Frithjof Schulzeφ4 QFT and Modular FormsG 0052:00 pm
24.06.--G 0052:00 pm
01.07.Fabio ApruzziCalabi-Yau Manifolds
(the way physicists like it)
G 0052:00 pm
08.07.variousGRK 1463 ColloquiumF 3094:15 pm

[ Last Update: 22.06.2013 ]

Speakers for the winter term 2012:

05.11.Felix LubbeLagrangian SubmanifoldsD 326 2:00 pm
19.11.Emanuel CismasOn Infinite Dimensional Lie GroupsD 326 2:00 - 3:15 pm
11.12.Maike TormählenTwistor SpacesG 12310:15 am
17.12.TBATBA G 005 2:30 pm
07.01.Benjamin WieneckVariation of Hodge Structures G 005 2:30 pm
21.01.Fabio ApruzziAspects of Generalized Complex Geometry and Supergravity Vacua D 326 2:00 pm

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