Poster Session

In this section, you can present scientific work in form of a poster. Just take a poster, perhaps one that you have recently presented on a congress, and send it to the German Journal of Psychiatry.

     Posters have not been peer-reviewed. The authors are responsible for the contents

Bouchard & Nouwen: Assessing treatment mechanism with time series: The existence of two different mechanisms for panic disorder

Kaiya et al.: Long-term prognosis of panic disorder

Fallgatter & Strik: Nogo-Anteriorisation within the Continuous Performance Test as a Neurophysiological Index of Impulsive Behavior

Fallgatter, AJ et al: Loss of functional hemispheric asymmetry in Alzheimer's dementia assessed with near-infrared spectroscopy

Fernández-González et al.: Trace elements in serum of psychiatric outpatients

Nowakowska et al.: Comparison of risperidone and haloperidol in anxiolytic, antidepressant and cognitive functions tests in rats

Glaser & Franken-Hiep: Flupenthixol - a conventional neuroleptic with partial atypical characteristics

Wennberg & Dĺderman: Perception of self-report questions concerning alcohol habits in a male forensic psychiatric sample

Pach et al.: Maintenance therapy with flupenthixol-decanoate in chronic schizophrenics: A one-year follow-up

Ott et al.: Somatoform disorder and implicit memory bias

Sasaki: On the fourth primordial delusion in schizophrenia

Glaser et al.: Receptor binding of flupenthixol and other neuroleptics