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Operation and Use, Volume 2, Part 2 Profiling

Table of Contents



About This Book

  • Who Should Use This Book
  • How This Book is Organized
  • Overview of Contents
  • Typographic Conventions
  • Related Publications
  • IBM Parallel Environment for AIX Publications
  • Related IBM Publications
  • Related Non-IBM Publications
  • National Language Support
  • Accessing Online Information
  • Online Information Resources
  • Getting the Books Online
  • Profiling Parallel Programs with Xprofiler

  • Before You Begin
  • About Xprofiler
  • Requirements and Limitations
  • Xprofiler versus gprof
  • Compiling Applications to be Profiled
  • Starting Xprofiler
  • Xprofiler Command Line Options
  • Loading Files from the Xprofiler GUI
  • Setting the File Search Sequence
  • Understanding the Xprofiler Display
  • The Xprofiler Main Window
  • Using the Xprofiler Graphical User Interface
  • Using the Dialog Window Buttons
  • Using the Search Engine
  • Using the Save Dialog Windows
  • Using the Dialog Window Filters
  • Using the Radio/Toggle Buttons and Sliders
  • Manipulating the Function Call Tree
  • Zooming In on the Function Call Tree
  • Other Viewing Options
  • Filtering What You See
  • Clustering Libraries Together
  • Locating Specific Objects in the Function Call Tree
  • Getting Performance Data for Your Application
  • Getting Basic Data
  • Getting Detailed Data via Reports
  • Looking at Source Code
  • Saving Screen Images of Profiled Data
  • Appendix A. Parallel Environment Tools Commands

  • xprofiler
  • Appendix B. Customizing Tool Resources

  • Xprofiler Resource Variables
  • Controlling Fonts
  • Controlling the Appearance of the Xprofiler Main Window
  • Controlling Variables Related to the File Menu
  • Controlling Variables Related to the View Menu
  • Controlling Variables Related to the Filter Menu
  • Appendix C. Profiling Programs with the AIX prof and gprof Commands

    Appendix D. Glossary of Terms and Abbreviations


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