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IBM PE for AIX V2R4.0: Operation and Use, Vol. 2, Part 1

Appendix D. Visualization Customization and Data Explorer Samples

Included as part of the pedb debugger array visualization feature is a set of prepackaged sample visualization interfaces to IBM's Visualization Data Explorer (DX).

These interfaces are provided as a set of prepackaged tools that can be:

The Data Explorer samples use the DXLink feature of Version 3.1 of IBM's Visualization Data Explorer. For additional information on IBM's Visualization Data Explorer and DXLink, see the following references:

The sample interfaces can be found in the pedb samples directory /usr/lpp/ppe.pedb/samples. The following table describes the files included in the directory.



DX Files


Data Explorer visual nets
Data Explorer configuration files for each
of the visual nets

DXLink files


Command line version
Motif version



Makefile to build the DXLink files



The executables are installed
and used as part of the
integrated prepackaged
visualizations in pebd.

You may wish to modify the samples in a variety of ways. Some examples include:

Here is some information you may find useful when making these modifications.

There are three major points of customization that are available:

  1. Modify the Korn shell scripts in /usr/lpp/ppe.pedb/bin to call an entirely different visualization program or a different DX visual net.

  2. Enhance the DXLvisual_Motif or DXLvisual programs to take advantage of more advanced features of DX. A makefile (makefile.DXL) is included to rebuild these programs.

  3. Modify the DX visual nets to perform a custom visualization.

Note:The for the Visualization Dialog menu label entry should be updated to be consistent with these changes.

The following steps give an example of a visualization customization.

  1. Copy shell script VisualTypeOption_1.ksh from /usr/lpp/ppe.pebd/bin into your current working directory.
    $ cp /usr/lpp/ppe.pedb/bin/VisualTypeOption_1.ksh

  2. Edit the script to pass a different DX visualization,
    $MP_DEBUG_SAMPLE_DIR/DXLvisual_Motif $MP_DEBUG_SAMPLE_DIR/ $1 -geometry +0+0
    $MP_DEBUG_SAMPLE_DIR/DXLvisual_Motif $MP_DEBUG_SAMPLE_DIR/ $1 -geometry +0+0

  3. Set the MP_DEBUG_BIN_DIR environment to allow pebd to find your custom version of the script.
    $ export MP_DEBUG_BIN_DIR=.

    Note:This will only override the script you have copied to your local directory.

  4. Find the label entry in /usr/lpp/ppe.pedb/defaults/ to copy to your local .Xdefaults file.
    Pedb*VisualTypeOption_1.labelString:            DX 2D Colormap
    Pedb*VisualTypeOption_1.mnemonic:               C

  5. Edit the label entry to display you own custom label.
    Pedb*VisualTypeOption_1.labelString:            My Custom Visual
    Pedb*VisualTypeOption_1.mnemonic:               M

  6. Try out your new visualization within pedb.

Note:Make sure that the Korn shell script is set to be executable.

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