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MPI Programming and Subroutine Reference


  1. Table of Subroutines
  2. MPI Error Classes: Threaded and Non-Threaded Libraries
  3. MPI Error Classes: Threaded Libraries Only
  4. Combiners and Constructor Arguments
  5. Combiners and Calls
  6. Bindings for Nonblocking Collective Communication
  7. Bindings for Point-to-Point Communication and Derived Datatypes
  8. Bindings for Collective Communication
  9. Bindings for Groups and Communicators
  10. Bindings for Topologies
  11. Bindings for Environment Management
  12. Bindings for Profiling
  13. Bindings for MPI I/O
  14. Bindings for info Objects
  15. MPI Eager Limits
  16. Memory Segments Used By the MPI and LAPI Libraries
  17. How the Clock Source Is Determined
  18. POE Environment Variables and Command-Line Flags for MPI

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